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Wedding Order Form
I am excited that you are considering SHP+P for your wedding!  Please take a few moments to tell me more about your wedding
by filling out this form. You should receive a response within 24 hours.  If you do not, please email me at

A price estimate will be sent before work begins.  Shipping and tax will be included on your estimate.
Payment via PayPal before printing is required.
Bride's Name:                    

Groom's Name:


Shipping Address:

Wedding Date:                 

Wedding Colors:                   

Both Collection designs and Custom designs are available. Please include any requested adjustments
to a Collection design (colors, font, etc) below.

Collection Design Name or Custom: 

If Custom, what style do you prefer or what specific ideas/themes do you have in mind:

If you are unsure of which paper to choose, SHP+P can recommend an option based upon your invitation design.
*Classic Heavy Weight Cardstock - Cardstock is available in a variety of colors and finishes such as matte, linen, and textured
Bamboo -
A matte, eco-friendly paper with a cottony texture - flat printing only
*Premium Matte - A thick paper with a light glossy matte finish - flat printing only
Soft Matte - A thick paper with a riich, matte appearance and soft, suede-like finish - flat printing only
*Pearl - A pearlescent paper with a warm, shimmery look - flat printing only

Paper Choice:                 

Paper Color:                   

Wedding stationery from SHP+P is professionally printed in your choice of:
*Flat printing - Unlimited Colors
*Thermography - Up to 2 Colors
*Letterpress - Up to 2 Colors

Printing Style:                   


Quantity Needed:       

Date Needed By:            

Preferred wording and details for the invitation:


Response cards come in a standard A2 (4 x 5.5) size unless another size is requested.

Respond By Date:           

Response Style:               

Preferred wording and details for the response card:

If you require any additional cards, such as Directions or Accommodations, please include
the information below.

Preferred wording and details for the insert card(s):



Envelope Color:             

Tiffany Blue Color Chip  Sugared Lemon Color Chip  Peony Color Chip

View Color Options

Address Printing
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The Sara Heilwagen Paper + Photography Wedding Referral Program rewards those who refer friends and family.
If someone referred you to SHP+P, please include their name and email address below.                         


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